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Save Money and 
Manage your  Landscaping
with us!

Your local family-owned Landscaping Service

Joe Molina's Landscaping Services is a decade-long service provider to the people of Bluewater, offering top-notch landscaping services. Joe Molina has made a name in landscaping, as he can do any form of landscaping that includes lawn maintenance, hardscaping, and the like. He, together with his pool of skilled professionals, practices pride in their job and assures each job is completed to the highest of standards. In the Bluewater area, Joe Molina's Landscaping Services is one of the most reputable and experienced landscaping services.

Satisfied Customers

"Joe Molina's Landscaping Services transformed my yard into a beautiful oasis, exceeding all my expectations with their attention to detail and exceptional customer service."

Dave Reddington

"J. Molina's landscaping snow removal service provided timely and efficient snow clearing services that helped keep my property safe and accessible during the winter season."

Amelia Banks

"J. Molina's spring cleaning service exceeded my expectations in terms of their thoroughness, professionalism, and commitment to ensuring my yard looked its best for the new season."

Kenny Stutes

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Service Areas:

Bluewater Area, Port Huron, Marysville, Fort Gratiot, and St. Clair.


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