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Port Huron Landscaping Services by J.Molina

Welcome to J.Molina Landscaping Services – Your Premier Landscaping Partner in Port Huron

At J. Molina Landscaping Services, we take pride in turning outdoor spaces into beautiful and functional retreats. With years of experience in serving Port Huron and the surrounding area, we bring expertise, passion, and personalized service to every project. Be it full-fledged lawn care services, custom garden designs, or just some reliable landscape maintenance, we're here to make all your green space dreams come true.


Our Comprehensive Landscaping Services

Lawn Care Services in Port Huron


A healthy, beautiful lawn results from an expertise-level of work and attention to detail. We offer services in mowing, fertilizing, controlling weeds and other pests, using environmentally friendly products, and employing the latest techniques that will give you grass that is not only lush and vigorous but also sustainable.

Garden Design


Transform your outdoor area with our creative garden design services. Whether you prefer a traditional English garden or a minimalist landscape, our designers work closely with you to create a space that reflects your taste and lifestyle. From selecting the right plants to the final touches, we manage every detail meticulously.

Landscape Maintenance

Enjoy beautiful, clean, and well-kept gardens and lawns all year round with our landscape maintenance services. Our professionals keep your outdoors in its prime state through scheduled activities like pruning, mulching, edging, and cleaning.


Why Choose J.Molina Landscaping?

  • Local knowledge: With thorough knowledge of the climate in Port Huron and the type of vegetation, we ensure that we only pick on your landscape the best-suited types. Tailored solutions: We offer landscape solutions that are specifically designed to match your specific needs and requirements. Eco-friendly practices: We are committed to sustainable practices, thus incorporate practices that will help boost the health of your landscape while limiting environmental degradation.


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Ready to add curb appeal and enjoy your very own outdoor area? Contact J. Molina Landscaping Service to discuss how we can make your property look amazing!

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